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Get to know the options available for your child's holistic growth amid their behavioral health condition.

Your child is more than their condition.

When it comes to your child’s behavioral health, curbing symptoms should be a secondary concern. Helping your child find support in overcoming their limitations comes first.

At Brighter Possibilities Child and Family Counseling, we offer services that revolve around building your child’s skills for self-regulation, personal care, and community participation. These are designed to encourage family participation, allowing children with behavioral health disorders to enjoy the support of the people they love.

Your child can receive aid in the following programs:

These programs involve these services:

  • Autism Support We direct families to autism day treatment programs to help their children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) receive daily assistance.
  • Therapeutic Recreation Our team of therapists design therapy programs that combine helpful intervention with fully engaging recreational activities at home or in the community.
  • Integrated Treatment Plans We help your child learn essential skills and adapt to their behavioral health condition with medically and psychologically sound pediatric therapies.
  • Early Childhood Education Support Our services are designed to compliment your child’s developmental progress, ensuring that they get the right kind of support to achieve academic success.
  • Home Visits It is our joy to foster the happy relationship between children and their caregivers.
  • Speech-Language TherapyHelps children improve their social skills through various therapy programs
  • Occupational TherapyOur occupational therapists work with your children and typically uses techniques and routines that seem like play, but in reality, they are designed to target areas of delay and difficulty.

Learn Which Option Is Suitable for Your Child’s Case

Count on our experts to develop a plan of action that truly focuses on your child’s development and daily living goals. To learn more, please call 763-568-7223 or set an assessment.