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We provide children and their families with vital support for behavioral health challenges.
  • What Is Our Mission?

    We aim to open the path to better behavioral health support to children and families in need. Seeing you thrive is our goal.

  • What Is Our Vision?

    To join the leaders in behavioral health care for children and families by advocating for the improvement of support programs in the communities we serve and the state of Minnesota as a whole.

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About 17.1 million children have or have had a mental health disorder that significantly affects their capacity to live healthily and happily. Half of these cases occur before they reach the age of 14.


Many of these children and their loved ones find it hard to access the support they need. Without early intervention, their chances at a brighter future are drastically reduced.

It doesn’t have to be this way for your child. If they have a behavioral health disorder, know that effective aid is available in the form of quality behavioral health services in Crystal, Minnesota. Help is always within reach.

Who Are We?

Brighter Possibilities Child and Family Counseling knows that behavioral health problems among children need to be addressed. As a culturally specific service provider, we offer a compassionate, family-centered approach that allows family members to fully participate in their child’s improvement and development. As a source of behavioral health counseling and intervention, we help alleviate the challenges of mental and developmental disorders one child at a time.

What Do We Offer?

We offer child intervention and support programs that aim to develop their potential in the midst of behavioral disorders and expand their horizons for better living. Meeting the standards set by the state Department of Human Services, families can find a helpful source of sustained support with us.

There’s Always a Chance at a Better Life

Dealing with behavioral disorders can be draining and challenging. Yet your child can still live their life to the fullest beyond their circumstances. Have hope and seek the right help. We are ready to serve you.

Talk to us by dialing 763-568-7223. Set an assessment to learn about your child’s options.